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Monthly we will pick a newly released book we love – could be a page-turning novel with a delicious plot, a particularly revealing celebrity memoir or a pop cultural deep dive – that we’re dying to share with you. Our picks will run the gamut from blockbuster bestsellers by beloved authors to debut novels by newcomers everyone should know.

Our first pick is a no-brainer for spooky season: 

Stephen King’s new best selling novel, “Fairy Tale.” The horror maestro has put his own signature on the fantastical genre in a coming-of-age tale that references everything from “Rumpelstiltskin” and “Three Little Pigs” to “Star Wars” and “Hunger Games.” And of course, this being King, there are man-eating giants and electric zombies.

Fairy Tale

The book became an instant bestseller upon its September release, hitting No. 1 on USA TODAY’S Best Selling Books list. It became King’s 26th novel to claim the top spot and 82nd book to appear on the list.

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